Quba nature tour

Family Tour

Its location is one of the closest to the capital regions of Azerbaijan. Due to its good location (168 km from Baku) and rich infrastructure, the Guba region is one of the favorite tourist destinations. Visitors have long chosen Gechresh place where you can relax in the shady woods, Tangaalti gorge where the river carries Velvelichai stormy waters, the famous waterfall Afurdzhi that is listed in Monuments of Azerbaijani Nature List. The district has a unique mountain village Khinalig, located at an altitude of 2500 m. above sea level. The population of the village is a separate ethnographic group, with its own language. In Guba, there is also a famous village of Krasnaya Sloboda, which is home to one of the largest communities of Mountain Jews in the world. Guba is also famous for its apples, which became its symbol. Furthermore, Guba is a recognized carpet weaving center. There are many architectural monuments preserved in the vicinity of Guba. At one time, Guba was visited by the famous French writer Alexander Dumas, the writer Bestujev-Marly, the famous Norwegian scientist and explorer Thor Heyerdahl. And today Guba is welcoming guests from all around the world.

Guba is located on the north-eastern flanks of hills of the Shahdag mountain belonging to the Greater Caucasus mountains at the altitude of 600 m above sea level on the bank of Gudial river at the distance of 168 km from Baku. Due to the favorable location and rich infrastructure Guba district is one of the favorite tourist destinations.

Visiters since long time ago have chosen Gyachresh place where you can relax in the shady woods, Tengealtin gorge, where the turbulent river Velvelichai runs, the famous Afurdzhin waterfall which is included into the list of “Monuments of Azerbaijan Nature”.

Tour Program:
  • 07:00 Meeting in city center
  • 08:00 Leaving Baku
  • 10:00 Final destination
  • 10:30 City tour starts
  • 18:00 City tour ends
  • 22:00 Back to Baku
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